Level 1 Umpire Course

England Hockey have added a new Umpire Level 1 course on our Course Finder: Venue: The Perse Upper , Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8QF Start date: 18.03.2018 | Duration: Sunday 18th March, [...]

Drum roll, please….

It’s always really exciting for everyone involved here at The English Listed when an architectural project is finally finished, we move the project build team out, do our final clean down and [...]

It’s showtime!

January is always a busy time in architecture and interiors. It is a time when clients turn their thoughts to their dreams and aspirations for their homes for the coming year, whilst projects [...]

Bed and Philosophy

An intriguing combination indeed – but given that we spend a third of our lives asleep, something indeed to be philosophical about!  And what better time to think about sleep than in [...]

Heart of Glass

A successful interior has an effortless style and a simple harmony – an extremely fine balance between all of its constituent parts.  Art for us has a huge role to play in achieving a [...]

It’s Time to Join In

Do you have ideas you would like implemented at your club? Would you like to positively impact the way things are done at your club? Do you have skills or experience that would benefit your club? [...]

May Ball

Tickets now on sale….

News Update – January 2018

Dear All,

1st XV fixture Saturday 6th January at HOME

Venue switched for Leicester Forest match