Mike Ellis of Ellis Winters assesses the current housing market

A recent article by Zoopla has suggested that owning a property could be the key to happiness, with homeowners reporting a greater sense of well-being and higher levels of life satisfaction than tenants.

With employment levels at record highs and those listed as employed leading the way when it comes to home ownership, its hoped that with the buying incentive the government has put in place and cheaper mortgage rates that more tenants will take the plunge and look to buy properties of their own and enjoy the same uplift in life satisfaction.

At elliswinters&co we’ve certainly seen a rise in the number or appointments our cost of moving advisor has been conducting since the start of the year. Home ownership was of course only one of the factors that made people happy – unsurprisingly, people’s health and their age also played a part, with younger people reporting high levels of life satisfaction, which fell away in middle age but then went up again in their later years.

The article also suggested that people spending their money on experiences like eating out or going on holiday rather than household bills and food made a difference to their happiness as well as being in a stable relationship. So, if you want to know the key to happiness, buy a house, go on holiday, stay healthy, get a partner and stay young!

If you would like some help or advice concerning house purchasing, please contact any member of our experienced team on 01480 388 888.

Bin and gone again!

Well they are asking for it’ said one town visitor watching workmen pull out a large commercial bin from the river a The Quayside. Local residents are starting to get fed up with the mess and disruption too.

The commercial bin collection from Mick George in the Bridge Street area appears to require the local businesses, that are contracted to the Mick George service, to wheel their bins through the streets and leave then in a very long line on the town’s picturesque Quayside right in front of our much photographed bridge.

Riverporter readers may recall we ran a story recently where a bin had apparently fallen in the river. It appears that the culprits may be late night revellers who have their fun by pushing the bins into the river. On the previous occasion residents had worked together to fish the bin out but have now decided that the problem has gone to far and the rescue job is down to the company causing the problem.

Our photo shows the latest event with Mick George employees struggling to recover the bin unfortunately most of the bins restaurant waste was either washed down river or can still be seen weeks water in the clear waters off the quayside (see right).

Parking problems continue

As the picture below shows even double yellow lines on a roundabout cannot deter some people.

Having been mentioned as one of the town’s main problems in the town centre by business owners in a recent survey, one would have hoped that this company would have led by example.

Rumours around Dolphin

There has been much talk around town that the Dolphin has been sold again.

We do know that the restuarant was available to be run as a separate concern and it would appear that discussions are underway on the sale of the hotel.

When contacted by The Riverporter the paper was told that no sale has been agreed

Have you heard the Buzz?

For the last few weeks there have been less than subtle social media chatter about a new night club opening soon in St Ives.

It appears that a local digital media firm have perhaps been circulating rumour to both test reaction and create interest in the new arrival.

The Riverporter understands that the club is a reformation of the old ‘Ice’ club on Broadway and while the new operators are playing their cards very close to their chest it’s been tipped to be open later in July.

Work on the club has been underway for months with tight lipped builders working behind closed doors and The Riverporter noticed that no new license has been applied for. However it appears that the old club license is still current, even after being closed for so many years, and that license expires this August so we can expect more details any time now when a renewal application goes in.

Fancy twinning with Zimbabwe?

The meeting began with a presentation from District Councillor Patrick Kadewere and Felicia Munjaidi from the Zimbabwe Embassy who were informing the Town Council of an opportunity to twin with the town of Chinhoyi in Zimbabwe.
Discussions have been ongoing with Huntingdon and Godmanchester for a while and a the delegation is keen to involve St Ives with any links.

Councillors will no doubt review the proposal but there is no indication yet of what might happen, although it does fit nicely into the mayors aims of celebrating diversity this year.

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip comes to Town

Hyperion’s next Fine Art Sale will play host to the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip featuring experts David Harper & Louise Gostelow (below centre) who will be joined by Celebrities from Holby City – Rosie Marcel ‘Jac Naylor’ (below left) & Bob Barrett ‘Sacha Levy’ (right).

As well as auctioning the celebrities buys the sale, being held at 12.30pm on Saturday 29th June, will be a collection of over 150 Lots of Lladro from a one person collection plus a good collection of Ceramics. It promises to be an interesting sale with lots of highs!

News from St Ives in Bloom

The judges from Anglia in Bloom are coming to St Ives on 10th July. Below is
the timetable for the route they will take. A tremendous amount of hard work is done by SIIB members to try and win Gold (for a third year) and you too can help by making sure the whole of the town as good as it can be on the day.
9.30 The Norris Museum
9.45 The Methodist Church car park
9.55 The Waits area
10.25 Holt Island
10.45 Westwood Rd. Cemetery
11.05 Westfield School
11.30 Kings Hedges
11.45 Hill Rise Park
12.00 Planter on corner of Hill Rise
12.10 The Park and Ride
12.25 Bus Station
12.35 Free Church/Town Hall
12.40 Bridge St., Chapel and Quay
12.55 Lunch at the Corn Exchange

A fabulous floral display awaits you!

Stunning floral interpretations and displays will greet visitors attending this year’s Hemingford Abbots Flower Festival on 29 and 30 June. The beautiful Grade 1 St Margaret’s Church will be brought to life when over 3,000 blooms, of all sorts of flowers and colours, are used in the creation of the theme for this year’s Festival of ‘And God Planted a Garden Eastward in Eden.’

Following almost 18 months of planning, developing themes and ideas and allocating the use of every single stem; the Flower Guild team of 28 members will decorate the church to wow visitors from the moment they enter the church via the Bell Tower.

Bridget Flanagan, Chair of the Flower Guild, said: ‘I am always very proud of the team and amazed at the high standards that we achieve from a small village group. There’s a lot of talent and love and it shows.’ She continues: ‘This festival we will be looking at, and using, alternative ways to create the displays and reduce the amount of the old florist oasis used due to its poor green credentials.

So where we can we will try to use other methods, and mechanics, to hold the flowers in place such as chicken wire and moss.’ In addition to the church and gardens, visitors can enjoy a fine display of historical cars, Morris Dancers outside the thatched village pub, river trips or just sit and relax with a traditional afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings listening to a brass band and watching the world go by.

Gardens are open from 12noon – 6pm. Costs :£8 per day programme or £13 for a weekend programme per person. Under 18s free of charge as is car parking.

The proceeds from this event will be put towards the maintenance and restoration of St Margaret’s Church, Hemingford Abbots.For more information visit