Dear Member,
I write to remind members that our first open meeting of 2017 is this Friday, in the Free Church at 7.30pm as usual, I’m looking forward to hearing Alexa Cox from Huntingdonshire Archives and seeing a new selection of the recently digitised images made by the three Huntingdon photographers, Maddison, Hinde and Whitney who worked in and around Huntingdon over a period of 100 years.
As you may have seen in last week’s Hunts Post, The Free Church has started an appeal for £55,000 for essential repairs to the spire of the church. The work is planned to take 10 to 12 weeks and is likely to start in the spring. We want to help with this appeal and initially there will be a collection box available for donations at Friday’s meeting.
On Friday you will also be able to take a copy of our new leaflet summarising the work of the Society, it also includes a list of the open meeting talks up to May. If you know anybody who may be interested in joining the Society please encourage them by giving out one of the leaflets.
Kind regards
David Stewart,
Chair, Civic Society St. Ives