Big Walkies Community Group (BWCG) was formed in February 2011 with the sole intention of making a positive contribution to society. As dog owners we realise the need to try and engage our community in positive activities, and the need has never been greater as it is today.

In January 2011 we had around 20 people walking with us and their dogs, we then thought that we should meet up at a different dog walk the next month. Becca looked on the internet to find walks in Cambridgeshire and couldn’t find anything! Well she could, but it wasn’t all in one place. Finding this frustrating Becca set to work making a website with recommended walks in Cambridgeshire…. this then evolved into Big Walkies as we know it now.

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Pamper your pooch…

Animal lovers in the UK spend over £4 billion a year on their pets. And this is not only on food, toys or vet costs. They also spend a large amount of that on grooming, spa days and body [...]

We have updated our T&Cs

As Big Walkies has developed into an amazing community group and has grown over time we have revisited our T&Cs to ensure that the walks are enjoyable for all. Participation in any of our [...]

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