With Tolly on board, the final ‘English Listed’ package now includes the final stages of a project, from Interior Design right through to Artwork installation. Our showroom and Gallery in St.Ives allows us to demonstrate our natural style and skill. This has been a labour of love over the past few years. We are showcasing our beautiful and innovative Corten doors and windows, solid oak doors, stunning wooden floors and lime cast floors. We have also travelled the globe to find interior products which fit with our timeless and ‘effortless’ style..many of these we found in Belgium, Holland and across Scandinavia in particular.

Tolly has a degree in textiles and a wealth of experience in Glass Art. She is an internationally renowned Glass artist herself and in Cambridge is well known for her exhibition in the Zoology Museum in 2009 ‘Seeing the Light- Finch by Finch’. Tolly is well placed to exhibit the work of the heavily acclaimed handful of artists that she chooses to adorn the walls of the Gallery. These artists are represented as fully as we can to do their artwork justice. We currently represent a printmaker, micrographer, jeweller, glassblower, oil painter and illustrator – not forgetting the cast glass work of Tolly herself. Please visit the Fine Art pages to find out more.

If there is an artwork or product in the gallery which is close to what you are looking for, we are on hand to search for the perfect item for you. Come to the gallery and browse, relax with a coffee and contemplate or make an appointment for further advice.

English Listed Interiors Shop, St Ives

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Vera Z Felt

Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich  is a felt-maker and a textile artist, living in Sweden. She works with all materials found in the Nordic nature. The Scandinavian epos and lore have been her [...]

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Live Wire

It’s a constant source of pride here at The English Listed to have discovered and represent some really fabulous designer makers, small batch producers and artists.  To that end, [...]

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Huge congratulations to, Jeremy Andrews, whom we represent here in the gallery at The English Listed, who has been selected from over 2,000 entries to appear alongside paintings by some of [...]

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OOhh lovely!

We’re OOhh-ing and aahhing this week with the arrival instore of beautiful danish Fairtrade home accessory brand OOhh from one of our favourite designer-makers, Lubech Living. With a [...]

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We are always interested to speak to qualified and conscientious roofer & lead workers. Please contact the office with examples of your previous works and references to have an interview arranged.

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It’s important to us that all our renovations work harmoniously with the history of each building. Lighting plays a key role in how we view our surroundings, and at the English Listed we [...]

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