The St Ives Explorer is a walk designed for younger visitors that takes in a few of the sites in St Ives. The walk starts and finishes at the Norris Museum and takes under one hour.

Start at the Norris Museum

If the museum is open, have a look round the gardens.

See if you can see a fire engine in the garden.

Turn right out of the Norris Museum and head down The Broadway

At the bottom of The Broadway is The Diamond Jubilee memorial

What was the date of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee?

Be careful crossing the road and check for traffic.

Walk down Merrylands and then turn right up Bridge Street, towards the Bridge. Then left onto The Quay.

On the Quay

How many arches has  the bridge got?

Some are pointed and some are round – how many are there of each?

At the end of The Quay, turn left down Free Church Passage.

Walk down Free Church Passage to where the bed shop is.

Look very closely at the bricks of the bed shop.

Some of them have  secret writing on them.

What do you think the letters might stand for?

Continue down Free Church Passage and then cross over to the statue of Oliver Cromwell

What book do you think Oliver Cromwell is holding?

Stay by the statue of Oliver Cromwell

Look around at the nearby building, look up.

Can you see this sign for The Bell?

Carry walking through town down Market Hill. Turn right down Priory Road.

Have a look at the old Police Station.

Look around and see if you can see the famous robber, Robin Hood, on the building.

Continue down Priory Road and stop by the Priory Wall

Look carefully at the Priory Wall.

If you look closely you will see one stone that is much lighter than the others. Most of the other stones are flat or oblong and this one is circular.

Is this a stone you can touch and make a wish on?

Continue walking down and then turn right on the footpath to Wellington Street

At the end of the footpath, stop and look up at the ornate sign for the Oliver Crownwell pub.

Continue along to The Quay and then walk back to the Norris Museum

At the museum look around the outside of the building and see if you can see a sign for the 1947 flood.

There is a marker to note the level of the flood water.

Where would this have come up to on you?

Hope you enjoyed the walk around St Ives.

If you have any questions about the walk, the team at the Norris Museum will be able to help answer any questions you may have.

If you still have some energy left and are looking for something else to do, why not go for a walk around Holt Island?

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