Abbot’s Chair – Have you seen the ghost?

 In Norris Museum

Huntingdonshire ghost stories…..

The Ferry Boat Inn at Holywell is haunted by the ghost of Juliet Tewsley. She is said to appear every St Patrick’s Day, the anniversary of when she hanged herself for unrequited love. She always appears in the bar, because the landlord has a licence to serve spirits!!

At Tidley Cross near Colne the ghost of a headless rider appears on a headless horse. This apparition is very rare, mostly because they can never go more than a few yards without bumping into something!!

The Abbot’s Chair is an ancient stone that once stood on Wyton airfield and is now in the Norris Museum garden. A ghost haunts it and it is said that if the stone ever sinks below ground, blood will flow in the streets of Bluntisham. Don’t be concerned residents of Bluntisham; it is on firm ground!!

The ghost of Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s divorded queen, haunts Kimbolton Castle where she died in 1536. But she hasn’t visited since the Castle became a school- perhaps she finds the students too scary!!

The photographs shows the Abbot’s Chair situated in the museum garden.

Norris Museum, St Ives

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