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We offer traditional scouting for boys and girls from the age of 7 upwards. Wolf cubs ages 7-11; Scouts ages 11-16; Rovers age 16+
Meetings are Mondays 6.15pm-7:30pm for cubs with scouts following which finish at  9.30pm. Meetings are held in two locations:
–       Summer venue; Meadow Lane St. Ives
–       Winter Venue; St. Ives Methodist Church.

The British Association of the European Scout Federation (FSE (BA) for short) is a traditional Scouting organisation. It aims to develop the personality and the sense of responsibility of young people in a friendly and supportive atmosphere in accordance with the methods laid down by the founder Baden Powell.

Scouting in the FSE involves certain undertakings. The first is the Scout Law accepted by young people and leaders as a way of life, and second, the Promise, a personal undertaking by each member. The picture is completed by the desire to take part in healthy outdoor activities whenever possible.

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