With more than 20 nationally qualified open water and advanced instructors in the club, SISAC is able to fully train new divers, and also advance already-qualified divers to the highest levels of sport diving.

There are four BSAC dive grades, including Ocean Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Leader, and Advanced Diver. Training for all these grades can be undertaken within the club environment, at a pace suited to each individual that guarantees the time, experience, and attention needed to become practised and proficient at each level.

This is one of the benefits of learning to dive within a club environment – there is no rush, and no pressure to finish your dive grade in a weekend. Our instructors work on a one-on-one basis within a time-frame that suits each individual. As you only pay an annual subscription to the club that includes your training, there are no additional fees to pay whether it takes six weeks or six months to complete your training. All your training is included within your annual subscription fee.

Another benefit of learning to dive within a club is the wealth and breadth of experience and knowledge possessed within the club, that members are willing to share. Within SISAC, we have a number of technical divers who enjoy deeper diving, those who dive on rebreathers and with full face masks. We have members who enjoy underwater photography, those who enjoy nautical archaeology, and yet others who have a penchant for marine life. So whatever your interest in learning to dive, there will be SISAC members who share your enthusiasm.

Also, with a very active dive calendar, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy your new dive skills and gain more underwater experience. The club organises day trips, weekend trips, and longer weekly trips to destinations around the UK throughout the year, including Plymouth, Scapa Flow, Brighton, and Swanage; but also to further-flung destinations including the Red Sea, Malta, Ibiza, Truk Lagoon, and the D-Day wrecks of Normandy (as recent examples, or of forthcoming trips).

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