St Ives Town Football Club was formed towards the end of the 19th century and the club has enjoyed a nomadic existence playing at various time in the Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, United Counties and Central Amateur Leagues.

The club was a force in local Huntingdonshire circles from the turn of the century, collecting both Huntingdonshire Senior and Junior Cups in 1901. The Senior Cup was won again in 1912 but the club’s most successful era was the twenties. The Cambridgeshire League was won on three successive occasions from 1923 to 1925, there were Hunts Senior Cup auccesses in 1923 and 1926 with the Scott-Gatty Cup won in 1923 and 1924. Honours continued to be won in the thirties with the Senior Cup (1930), Scott-Gatty Cup (1932) and Peterborough League championship (1938) all won.

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