The School Shop, St Ives opened in August 2015.

We have had an incredible first few months of trading and I’m delighted with the response we have had from both schools and parents.

Word of the shop has spread quickly and we are now stocking not only St Ivo School uniforms, but also many of St Ives’ primary schools, as well as Swavesey Village College.

As well as providing a much-needed service in terms of cleaning and sorting the uniforms, boots, etc, I’m delighted to be able to return 50% of the profit from each item back to the relevant school.

I’m often asked how I came to open The School Shop – and why. The answer is, quite simply, happy coincidence. I am a trained teacher and have been keen to start my own private tuition business for some time. My daugher is also currently at St Ivo School.

I have been involved in the re-establishment of the St Ivo School Association (SISA). During conversations about uniforms it became clear that parents were keen to donate their used uniforms and for them to be re-sold – it was just a matter of finding a convenient location and someone willing to do the washing and sorting…

From feedback I’ve had so far, I’m very pleased to say that marriage of uniforms and sports equipment, hand picked stationery and my fledgling tuition business seem to work very well together. I’m also enjoying being able to offer help and advice to parents wanting to know more about how they can get involved in the school.

In terms of my tutoring, my approach from the outset has been to be absolutely transparent with schools about what I’m doing and work in harmony with them to ensure we’re teaching in the same way using the correct syllabus for each school.

If you have any questions about tuition, please feel free to ask, otherwise please do pop by to say hello and pick up that spare school jumper you’ve been meaning to get..

The School Shop, St Ives contact info

phone 01480 731 300

address 7 Cromwell Mews Station Road St Ives PE27 5HJ


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