Warner’s Park – A hidden but vibrant green space in the heart of St Ives.

Originally an outlying field, (the undulations from the ‘ridge and furrow’ of the medieval strip field system can still be seen), this 4.5 acres Park was given in trust to the townspeople of St Ives in 1905 by William Wigston Warner, an Alderman and five times mayor of the town.

Today the Park, now enclosed by houses, boasts a pavilion dedicated to the fallen of World War II; a full size football pitch, a children’s playground and a ‘Kicking Wall’. Mature trees and hedgerows form a habitat for wildlife.

The Park is a haven for townspeople and visitors alike.
In warmer weather it is a picnic paradise and when the snow falls it’s where the crowds rapidly descend for frosty fun. Families and Footballers, Dog-walkers and joggers, children and pensioners all enjoy the oasis of calm that the Park offers.

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How to find Warner's Park