Oanas Coffee Shop, St Ives

A Transylvanian delicacy has landed in St Ives at new coffee shop, Oana’s. Known as chimney cakes, the tall sweet treats are a Romanian street food.

Nuts Bistro, St Ives

Located right in the centre of St Ives, Nuts Bistro offers coffee, teas and a range of food items.

Rockabilly Cafe, St Ives

Rockabilly Cafe, St Ives is a lovely little coffee shop to visit, whether you live in St. Ives and the surrounding area or are just looking for a great new coffee shop experience. Coffee and food [...]

River Terrace Cafe, St Ives

River Terrace Cafe, St Ives enjoys a fantastic riverside setting. Open From 8:30am for breakfast, lunch, cake and coffee. Contact us to book a table for any occasion.

Tom’s Cakes, St Ives

Tom's Cakes, St Ives is an independent craft producer of a range of cakes and biscuits sold at local markets in Cambridgeshire. The tea shop is located in the centre of St Ives.