Hi there everyone! Heidi here. As you can see I have been promoted to the front page with this tit-bit of a recent incident that we hope will raise your spirits.

The editor of this wonderful newspaper received a letter of concern from a Bridgefoot resident about our highly popular swan family with eight, yes eight, cygnets (see right).

Closely monitored from nesting and hatching on Holt Island the female now brings them back on to the main river each day when they delight many children, residents and visitors as they parade in line astern.

Disaster Strikes? However, disaster seemed to strike when a rowing club four ploughed into them at the town bridge. The editor (such a lovely man) asked Heidi to investigate.

Well, I’ve never been shy in that department. The Captain of the Rowing Club succumbed to my advances – he kindly explained that as the boat (steered by him) approached the bridge the cygnets in their brown juvenile plumage were in his blind spot and not visible against the water from his low position until the last second.

Navigating the main arch is in any case quite difficult as the bridge is not directly in line with the river. The two birds closest to the boat promptly dived and despite the concerns of onlookers no other cygnets were hit. Phew, close shave! And Heidi can confirm that the family was all intact and proudly parading again that evening. What a relief.

Our river is particularly busy with wildlife at this time of year. The Captain has confirmed that all rowers have been briefed to be especially vigilant. So there we have it – good news all round. Byeee! Heidi x A good news story