Plans that will see an Aldi supermarket come to St Ives were approved on Monday. The retailer applied for planning permission for a 1,7844 sq m store in Needingworth Road in August last year, and the proposal was approved subject to a condition that the developer provide a contribution of up to £170,000 for the provision of a Toucan Crossing on the A1123. The store will be built on land which was formerly part of the England Chicory Ltd factory and will employ the equivalent of 50 full time members of staff. There will also be a 126-space car park. Huntingdonshire District Council deferred the application last year

I hear the Robin Hood is gonna have a paintball park Did they find anything interesting? What in the field behind the Priory wall? No just some old bones. It’s going to be retirement flats! councillors said they needed more traffic movement data around the double roundabout system in and out of the site.