Well they are asking for it’ said one town visitor watching workmen pull out a large commercial bin from the river a The Quayside. Local residents are starting to get fed up with the mess and disruption too.

The commercial bin collection from Mick George in the Bridge Street area appears to require the local businesses, that are contracted to the Mick George service, to wheel their bins through the streets and leave then in a very long line on the town’s picturesque Quayside right in front of our much photographed bridge.

Riverporter readers may recall we ran a story recently where a bin had apparently fallen in the river. It appears that the culprits may be late night revellers who have their fun by pushing the bins into the river. On the previous occasion residents had worked together to fish the bin out but have now decided that the problem has gone to far and the rescue job is down to the company causing the problem.

Our photo shows the latest event with Mick George employees struggling to recover the bin unfortunately most of the bins restaurant waste was either washed down river or can still be seen weeks water in the clear waters off the quayside (see right).