The Riverporter has been going 18 months now and judging from the comments the editors have had it has been well received.

As we said from the outset we wanted to give publicity to all those worthwhile voluntary groups that contribute to the community of St Ives and once again this issue has details of events being put on by these organisations.

The Editors also said that they wanted to give readers the latest news with a touch of humour where possible but also in some detail.

This approach has sometimes resulted in the paper delving into the details behind the headlines. Such an approach means that we try our best to ensure that we are accurate in our reporting and therefore we offer the opportunity to all parties to get their point of view over in their own words.

Worrying trend In this regard The Riverporter hasn’t been quite as successful with some councillors refusing to engage with us despite our assurance that we will print their comments verbatim. Of course that is their prerogative and we accept that entirely, but we do still try to accurately reflect their views on issues when known.

Sadly of late that indifference has changed and The Riverporter’s Editor has now been threatened in what seems as an attempt to stop the newspaper from asking questions about Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) matters and the views of it’s controlling councillors. Coincidence?

At the same time The Riverporter has learned that a leading member of the opposition in HDC, Labour Councillor Dr Nik Johnson, has also been subject to comments and actions designed to threaten his ability to scrutinise and offer an alternative point of view of HDC. Details of these feature on P3 in the article: Is democracy under threat in Huntingdonshire?