Dan Rowe was elected Mayor for 2019/20 at the annual Mayor Making ceremony.

Dan is well-known in the town, having been a councillor since 2016. The annual ceremony in the Corn Exchange saw Cllr Tim Drye, the outgoing Mayor reporting on his mayoral year and giving awards to those people and groups who have contributed to the life of the town (see pictures). Tim, without a flat cap in sight, was able to give over £5,000 to local groups as a result of his fundraising efforts. In his speech he said he was immensely proud to have been involved in the centenial celebrations marking the end of the First World War and to be able to present the Freedom of the Town to the Royal Engineers. Having set out his plans, when taking office, to help with the mental health of the town Tim was most proud of the recent movement to make St Ives the first CALM town in the country. CALM the Campaign Against Living Miserably, will be featuring on national radio on 18 May as part of national mental health awareness week.

Mayor Dan, in his acceptance speech, said that he would also be supporting the work of CALM as well as making every effort to improve the relationship and activities between St Ives and Stadtallendorf, its twin town in Germany. He said that in this age of Brexit where people are getting further apart he wanted to embrace diversity and difference. Breaking with tradition Dan also said he was breaking from the tradition of having a personal chaplain and would invite a representative from each of the Town’s religious groups to speak before council meetings. Dan nominated his fiancée, Amy Sewell as his Consort. Councillors then elected Cllr Jonathan Pallant as Deputy Mayor, who nominated his wife, Carrie, as Deputy Consort.

During the ceremony, whilst robing took place, St Ives Poet Laureate, Patrick Macdonald, read out some of his poems incuding one about being a Mayor and even one about flat caps!