Local businessman William Scantlebury is keen to stop our Town Centre from suffering decline by getting all interested parties together and agreeing a way forward.
William explained ‘Having become involved in several meetings and conversations with the Town Team, the Town Council, SITI and The Riverport Retail Group it has become clear to me that we are all concerned at the declining footfall in the town centre and the negative impact this has on the prosperity of the town. The different groups all work hard to bring people into the town, but all with slightly different aims and methods.
Therefore, I am inviting local town groups, town centre retailers and business people to an open meeting to try to come up with a long-term town plan. There are no preconceptions and we should be open minded in looking for positive suggestions on how we can enhance footfall for all.’
If you feel you can contribute to this meeting please use this link to book a seat: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/st-ives-town-business-working-group-tickets-47813460347 Slepe Hall Hotel has kindly offered to host the meeting which will be on Monday the 25th March at 6:30pm