The Riverporter has been contacted by a number of people who have found parking at The Dolphin is not straight forward. The new parking regime began in November (as reported in issue No.23 of The Riverporter) and it appears the pay machine has been malfunctioning, as the following comments from some of our readers shows.

‘If you are one of the many who have been caught out by the new method of payment – you will know that parking in the lower car park at the Dolphin hotel is anything but fine – for everyone but the parking operators.’ The writer received a parking charge notice from the Enterprise Parking Solutions Ltd (EPS) stating that he had not paid to park.
As someone who parks there 2 to 3 times a week, he appealed, saying that he had always paid the £2.20 fee. The response from EPS was ‘We have carefully considered your appeal however after full consideration the appeal has been rejected as failing to obtain a valid ticket.’ That might have been acceptable except it is impossible to prove you have paid if you pay by cash as the machine does not issue a ticket.
Another user had a similar experience. She also received a letter advising of a fine and when she appealed, she was told to show a receipt as the collecting agents were not aware that the machine is ticketless.
It’s not all pay pay pay though Strangely enough it seems that the machine was even handed in its malfunction as one customer was stunned when instead of taking her money the machine paid out. In scenes reminiscent of a Las Vegas slot machine, around £20 in coins came out! It seems unlikely many people will park there in the hope of milking this cash cow as the evidence suggests that the number of cars now using this has reduced dramatically.
If you have had a strange experience here we would like to hear from you.
When contacted the Dolphin said they are aware of the problems and have managed to cancel the fines issued in error and have a meeting with EPS on 17 Jan to sort it out.