Dementia Friendly Community gathers pace Ian Jackson, Chair of the town’s DFC Steering Group reports: • Pauline Mohamed (left), owner of Genesis Hair Company, and her great niece Leigh Anne present a cheque for £200 representing donations made at the funeral of Mrs Winifred Feeney, Pauline’s mother. • The recent Slepe Hall Hotel ‘Las Vegas’ themed dinner and dance with raffle generated over £500 for the DFC group thanks to the support of Shammi Malik and his wife Emilie. •

The County Council has profiled the St Ives DFC in a short video to promote their Innovate and Cultivate fund – monies set aside to encourage others to increase awareness of dementia in more communities in the county. Staff from Genesis and Waitrose featured. See Genesis, Slepe Hall Hotel and Waitrose are just three of the growing number of businesses in the town displaying the Dementia Friendly sticker. ‘The support and commitment we are gaining is amazing’, commented Ian. ‘The monies we receive help us fund more activities for those with dementia and their carers.

With many other groups under the dementia friendly ‘umbrella’ we really are making a difference. Well done St Ives! Come and see us at the Farmers’ Market on 18 May’.