Local St Ives residents with be very familiar with Nobel’s Field as a popular leisure and local beauty spot, popular with picnickers, dog walkers and boaters as well as a great venue for occasional town events and the annual rowing regatta.
However, few visitors would perhaps have noticed that the field is getting smaller! In recent years the effect of rising waters has started to take its toll on the river bank at this point along the river, and very slowly water has receded an area of bank up to 14 feet in width at one point and over a length of approximately 40 metres. The Nobel’s field trust that look after this town amenity has said that estimates for the repair and reconstruction of the bank are in the region of £40,000. A spokesman for the trust has announced that they are launching an appeal for funds and are actively seeking grants and support so that work can
be started as soon as possible. If you would like to support the fund raising for Nobel’s Field please let us know here at
The Riverporter and we will pass on the information.