About six months ago I began to suspect some drift in the Bermuda Triangle, towards the St Ives area. I,
and several expectant passengers, waiting at the St Ives Park and Ride site observed the nonappearance of an A bus. We had, for 10 minutes, watched the due time slowly count down, then nothing… There have been no reports of what did or didn’t happen, no reports on missing persons (only cats and dogs), no re-appearance of much
needed busses and their drivers.
Now my grandson says I’m just a muggle, and I can’t expect to be able to see all busses – referring to some triple decker he, and one Harry Potter ride on frequently?
My son says none of it – his conspiracy group advise that it is just stagecoach fiddling the figures to meet their minimum service level agreements.
He says they must run these phantom busses, to get the recorded numbers up, else someone will get                      suspicious about the number of people they cram on board (it’s how they make more profits)!
One driver recently advised us that we can get 58 people on board standing on a single decker!
I believe that the mass starvation necessary to slim us down, so we can fit 58 UK people standing on a
single decker bus will be at least a couple of years after Brexit!
Obviously Stagecoach have the answer to all these waiting passengers. Some of you may notice that
they have recently started routing A busses to the start of Hill Rise and either parking there for half an
hour (with the new driver just on) or telling all the passengers to get off (because the drivers finished
for the day)! Other services now terminate at the bus station, so anyone living in St Ives will have to
share a crammed full bus, if it turns up! From Nick.