From our environmental correspondent . . . Heidi N. D’Tries
Hi luvvies! Heidi here again. Did you miss me? I’ve been under the duvet – don’t ask. Those lovely people on Holt Island Nature Reserve aroused me (no, not like that – they said I resembled a hibernating dormouse – nice) to ask me to mention their new Adopt-a-Box fund-raiser.
They have 28 bird boxes for all kinds of birds – see, it’s not all about tits – and for a tenner you can adopt one! How lovely. Ask Julian for a form he’ll send you all the information. It’s a great family thing to do and you’ll be helping the Friends meet the bird food bill for another year.
Contact Julian Limentani at [email protected] or on 01480 381342.
Visit the Friends at to see their latest amazing new videos!
Love you all – byeeee. Heidi x