PCSO Beverley Snell held a Police Surgery in town on Wednesday 1st May. The surgery was held at the bus shelter on Station Road, St Ives, from 1 pm to 3pm and local residents and business owners went along to meet Beverley and discuss any concerns that they may have about policing in our community. The idea was to give the opportunity to ask questions and let the Police directly know their views.

Beverly answered questions from several town residents ranging from lack of police presence, car parking, antisocial behaviour and the recent spate of bag snatching. Beverly explained that they are doing all they can but confirmed once again the importance of people reporting incidents by calling 101. In preparing this report The Riverporter checked previous records of 101 reports and in 2016 HDC recorded zero reported incidents, so we must assume that when the office of the PCC assesses budgets for following years they assume we don’t need police because we don’t have trouble….

The Riverporter wonders if our readers agree? One interesting report seen in a national newspaper quotes Baroness Newlove who advises…‘Few people know about the ‘Community trigger’ when victims who have suffered three incidents within six months can seek a review of how agencies have responded to their complaints’.