At February’s St Ives Town Council meeting the Mayor Cllr Tim Drye decided to suspend the public meeting to go into ‘part two’ (a secret meeting of councillors with the press and public removed from the chamber) before doing the business on the agenda.
There was no indication on the agenda as to what might be discussed in secret, however The Riverporter understands that it was because the Mayor raised concerns that one of the councillors had spoken to the press about a confidential matter concerning the CCTV cameras. During the meeting the Mayor stated that whoever that councillor was, he considered them a snake and they should come forward and resign immediately. No one did own up by the way.

Apart from the obvious humorous aspect of the ‘incident’ (see cartoon p2) it raises one or two issues, namely that the Mayor should have checked his facts before accusing fellow councillors of giving away confidential information and that according to the Nolan principles of behaviour – all councillors should show respect for one another. We are at a loss to understand why old information about the CCTV system was confidential in the first place Of course The Riverporter seems to be the ‘press’ in question having run a small article in issue 26 about the CCTV cameras being out of action for half of November.
We had contacted the CCTV control room at HDC to find out why the cameras, which our taxes help pay for, weren’t working and the fact that The Riverporter knew about this confidential matter seems to have upset some people. We assume that one of our District councillors must have been informed that we contacted the CCTV control centre and they raised the issue with the Mayor and Town Clerk for it to became a hot topic worthy of a House of Cards episode. Just for the record we can confirm that The Riverporter never spoke to a Town Councillor about this matter.