In response to your article in The Riverporter 14th December 2018 ‘We need a plan’ it is no wonder that the footfall is declining and it’s not all to do with shopping on line. Just a few simple remedies would improve this if our
council would listen instead of being so negative and pleading poverty.
Although we are lucky and only have a few empty properties at the moment, how long before more follow and then the town will start on the slippery slope that other towns have found them selves in.
One of the biggest problems that needs urgently dealing with is parking. It is much easier to go to the Park and Ride and catch the bus to Cambridge. The Dolphin have just gone over to Pay and Display resulting in vehicles moving to on street parking which is not policed. Parking in St Ives ranges from being well controlled to no control at all. The
Broadway being the latter problem. Vehicles are parked for hours by people working in the town from all day to several days on end without ever being moved so shoppers are unable to ‘pop’ in to town.

Between The Waits and The Broadway parking on yellow lines is also apparently acceptable!!
Delivery vans have problems, especially when vehicles are parked round the Victoria fountain. One solution to this would be to bring in a parking company saving the Council a cost and relieving the Police of a job they are
unable to fulfil.
As you also point out our Council are blinkered as to the benefits diverse businesses bring to the town like the appalling decision on The Octagon, the shambles to alter the one way system (the wrong way) during the
Michaelmas fair and allowing properties to remain empty for years such as The Robin Hood. Then there is the state of the pavements (at least Crown Street is a little safer now) but you still have to watch your step in other areas. This again is hardly surprising when heavy vehicles are allowed to drive over them.

Dear Julia and Tony thank you for your letter which I edited slightly due to limited space.
Many of the points you make were mentioned by people in the Town Team’s survey and will be put to our councils soon. ED.