Mike Ellis of Ellis Winters assesses the current housing market

A recent article by Zoopla has suggested that owning a property could be the key to happiness, with homeowners reporting a greater sense of well-being and higher levels of life satisfaction than tenants.

With employment levels at record highs and those listed as employed leading the way when it comes to home ownership, its hoped that with the buying incentive the government has put in place and cheaper mortgage rates that more tenants will take the plunge and look to buy properties of their own and enjoy the same uplift in life satisfaction.

At elliswinters&co we’ve certainly seen a rise in the number or appointments our cost of moving advisor has been conducting since the start of the year. Home ownership was of course only one of the factors that made people happy – unsurprisingly, people’s health and their age also played a part, with younger people reporting high levels of life satisfaction, which fell away in middle age but then went up again in their later years.

The article also suggested that people spending their money on experiences like eating out or going on holiday rather than household bills and food made a difference to their happiness as well as being in a stable relationship. So, if you want to know the key to happiness, buy a house, go on holiday, stay healthy, get a partner and stay young!

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