Over recent weeks we noticed that the St Ives social media sites had several people complaining of mysterious loud bangs constantly going off in the area disturbing residents and even frightening pets. Residents investigations appeared to suggest that the loud noises were in fact automatic bird scarers in nearby fields.
Someone must have written to our local PCC and councillor, Mr Jason Ablewhite, because he gave the following response….
‘I’ve been contacted regarding the bird scarer that is causing a noise nuisance to residents in the North of
the Town. I have contacted HDC’s Environmental Health Department this morning to ask them to visit the Farm.’
His response went on to say…‘The use of bird scarers is not illegal. They are however, deemed essential
in protecting certain crops. If a farmer or landowner is using such devices, they must ensure that they are not causing a statutory nuisance to others and that they are used in accordance with the code of practice produced by the National Farmers Union As a general guide bird scarers should only be used where justified and not sound on more than four times an hour.’
Following on from Mr Ablewhite’s intervention, social media carried a response from an environmental officer with
the explanation . . . ‘I can confirm that I have visited the farm that the miss-firing propane gas gun belongs to. The
Farm manager has reset the propane gas gun now so that it operates under the NFU Code of Practice Guidance.
The reason for the malfunction was due to local youths tampering and vandalising the gas gun causing it to operate
out of sync.’