Four issues ago we reported on a good news story from the District Council which said The Council is pleased to announce plans to expand its existing loyalty reward schemes for regular market stall holders.

The report went on ‘The Council has worked successfully with St Ives Town Initiative (SITI) and the Town Council to run events to encourage visitors.’ We tried to find out what the scheme was and what events had been run but could get no answer from the Council or the councillor in charge, a Mrs Marge Beutell.

So we asked the market traders, who said they knew of no scheme, but suggested we talk to HDC’s man in charge on the ground. This proved more fruitful as he told us that the scheme was still being decided, although an incentive was offered in January – market traders who booked stalls in January got February free.

Still no one could tell us of any events that had been run to encourage visitors. Fake news?