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From our environmental correspondent . . . Heidi N. D’Tries Hi luvvies! Heidi here again. Did you miss me? I’ve been under the duvet – don’t ask. Those lovely people on Holt Island Nature Reserve [...]

Brexit wall

Roberto Zancanato and Daniel Laycock with their Brexit Wall on the Market Square on Saturday 12 January. There was overwhelming support for staying in the EU and a People’s Vote. Time will [...]

CCTV Upgrade

Concerned about a report that the CCTV cameras in St Ives had been out of action, The Riverporter contacted the CCTV Manager of the service run by HDC and Cambs City Council. Mr Eddy Gardner [...]


Recently a friend said he was depressed because he hadn’t achieved much. When I asked why, he said that he thought he was going to change the world and now he is 70 he knows he isn’t. Let’s face [...]

All new sound and vision

Great news for fans of Screen St Ives, the Corn Exchange has a superb new 6.5 metre-wide screen on order and are hoping to have it installed by the end of January. The screen will greatly add to [...]

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